Why Luley Dive Center ?

Luley Dive Center Only Dives The Best Site In Manado, North Sulawesi

  • Closest Diving Center to Bunaken National Marine Park.
  • All PADI courses from Beginner to Professional level & 100 Safety Record.
  • Local knowledge with International standards.
  • Fun and friendly Instructors.
  • Supporters of environmental programs.
  • Tailor-made services and great facilities.

Why Bunaken ?

Considered one of the world’s top marine park and top diving destinations, Bunaken National Marine Park is located in the Manado Gulf at the center of the Coral Triangle of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, a habitat to more than 390 species of coral as well as limitless kind of fish, mollusk, reptile and large marine mammal species. Coral formations in Bunaken National Marine Park are dominated by fringing reef and barrier reef. The distinctive 25–50-meter vertical coral wall is home to 13 coral genera. The seagrass species of Caulerpa, Halimeda, and Padina can be found here, while the dominant species in particular islands of Mantehage and Nain are Thalassia Hemprichii, EnhallusAacoroides, and Thalassodendron Ciliatum. You can also find abundance of different species of reptiles, birds, and mangrove.

Come and navigate a whole different realm that will leave you breathless – metaphorically. . .
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Do you love the ocean and have always been curious about diving, but you never seem to have the . .
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Whether you are interested in becoming a certified diver or merely want to further your diving skills ..
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From a deserted stretch of white sands only 20 years ago, the Grand Luley coastline has now become home to a large variety of mangrove and wildlife, making it sanctuary to ocean pigeons, kingfishers, and more recently, the rare species of tarsius. The mangrove garden is now the center of Luley’s ecosystem, a living proof that no matter how small what we do, we have a direct impact to our environment. Our Adopt a Coral program has gained popularity among resort visitors, a statement that such a simple action can contribute significantly to the betterment of marine ecology.

Tongkaina Bunaken Manado 95244  North Sulawesi – Indonesia
P: +6285 2422 20758 , E: info@luleydivecenter.com