From a deserted stretch of white sands only 20 years ago, the Grand Luley coastline has now become home to a large variety of mangrove and wildlife, making it sanctuary to ocean pigeons, kingfishers, and more recently, the rare species of tarsius. The mangrove garden is now the center of Luley’s ecosystem, a living proof that no matter how small what we do, we have a direct impact to our environment. Our Adopt a Coral program has gained popularity among resort visitors, a statement that such a simple action can contribute significantly to the betterment of marine ecology. In addition to phasing out single-use plastics from our processes and only using locally sourced ingredients for kitchens, we are using reverse osmosis water system in our entire facilities to make sure we leave negative carbon footprints. Sustainability is at the heart of our existence. As a member of community, we also actively involve our fellow neighbors in the surrounding villages in our initiatives and activities, or to just simply share the joy of seasonal celebrations. We are committed to putting 360-degree efforts to ensure that our existence contributes positively to our surroundings. This long and hard work is starting to receive acknowledgement as Grand Luley very recently won the 2021 Natural Conservation Award for its initiatives which include coral reef recovery encompassing an area of 2.5 ha in Bunaken National Park, cultivation of 7,000 mangrove plants, in addition to community education programs, complemented by regular beach cleaning.

Tongkaina Bunaken Manado 95244  North Sulawesi – Indonesia
P: +6285 2422 20758 , E: info@luleydivecenter.com