Bapontar 3 Pulau

Get your sunscreen and go! Navigate (bapontar) on Luley’s fully staffed private boat, and venture into three islands (tiga pulau) of Siladen, Bunaken, and Nain to discover untouched natural beauty. Siladen is the smallest of the isles in the Bunaken National Park, and many of its white sand shores remain pristine. As you enjoy your alone time, your personal butler will prepare a private barbeque just for you. Take as much time as you need to admire Mount Manado Tua from Bunaken as centuries-old tales of the old Kingdom of Manado are told by locals. As tide gets low, sail to an otherworldly spot known as Pasir Timbul, literally translated as ‘sands coming out of water’. Stretched as long as 500 meters, a land mass of soft white sand appears as if out of nowhere. You may be asking yourself if you’re dreaming, but you’re not

Mangrove Tour

From deserted sands only 20 years ago, Luley’s seafront has now become a home to a wide variety of mangrove plants where wildlife is blossoming. It’s all green and full of life, brimming with inspiration. And speaking of inspiration, why not take your breakfast out on a canoe that sails through romantic greeneries where the land meets the sea? Absolutely possible! This precious natural jewel is also a fantastic spot after sunset. A night tour through the mangrove takes the experience to the next level. With nothing but the sound of sea breeze and occasional splashes of water, you will encounter sea birds resting among tree branches. And if you’re lucky, the rare and shy tarsius lemur may make a special appearance.

Swim With Nemo

The seas with Nemo and friends! encounter an ocean of fun in The Seas with Nemo & Friends and get close up with the clown fish.

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