Discover Scuba Diving

Do you love the ocean and have always been curious about diving, but you never seem to have the time, opportunity, or even feel a little unsure or nervous? Then this day trip is for you! lULEY Dive Center at Grand Luley Resort is specialized in scuba diving. Our instructors regularly introduce first-timers to diving and they know perfectly well the best methods to make the learning process both safe and fun. You will set out for your first experience underwater feeling calm, confident, and excited in Bunaken National Marine Park, the world-renowned location for diving. We will begin by explaining the equipment, the rules, and basic diving concepts related to health and safety. Just in front of the ocean, you will jump into the pool and do a short series of simple diving skills. Your PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)-qualified instructor will then take you to the sea for two dives. For both dives, you will enter from the beach, and walk directly into the ocean alongside your instructor. With a water temperature ranging between 27-30⁰ C, and a dive site rich in tropical fish, it’s in these optimal diving conditions that you will discover the incredible underwater world of scuba diving Bunaken!

Bubble Maker

A half-day diving introduction without a certificate, taught for children of 8-10 years. At the very least, the instructor is a certified Dive Master for up to 2 metres of depth in a pool

Tongkaina Bunaken Manado 95244  North Sulawesi – Indonesia
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